Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Coronation Chicken Club Sandwich

Coronation Chicken Club Sandwich

There's a popular sandwich in England called a coronation chicken sandwich. The coronation chicken recipe is basically a curried chicken salad that was originally invented as a special dish to commemorate the coronation of Queen Elizabeth II back in 1953. Today, you can find this dish or variations of it in the form of a tasty sandwich filling in pubs, restaurants and butty bars (sandwich shops) across the U.K.

I was thinking about the flavors of coronation chicken when making this sandwich. My simplified take on the recipe includes leftover roasted chicken, mayo, some diced red pepper, some diced celery and some curry powder. It's quite paired down from the more elaborate original recipe which calls for red wine and canned apricot halves among other things but I stayed true to the curry flavor. To embellish it a little, I decided to turn it into a club with the addition of a few strips of crispy bacon and some balsamic dressed mache or lambs lettuce.

Crown Me

The curry and mayo flavors really define this chicken salad. I think the sandwich turned out pretty good.

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