Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Christmas Treats from Across the Pond

Christmas Treats

We got a visit from the UPS man today. "Santa in brown" delivered a BIG box from a place called Shakespeare's Corner Shoppe in San Diego. What a surprise! We pondered over who might be the mastermind behind this thoughtful gift as we tore into it and proceeded to unwrap what seemed like an endless procession of British holiday treats. The box was filled with old favorites like Heinz beans and spaghetti, Devon custard, (great as a topping on pies and tarts), lemon curd (nice on toast), chocolates, biscuits and toffee, as well as seasonal items that only make their appearance around this time of year; mince pies, sticky toffee pudding, a Cadbury's selection box and Christmas crackers (the two gold tubes).

Halfway through the box I found a card. It was from T1's dear friend back in England. She selected all the items and placed her order on-line and arranged for delivery from the specialty store down in San Diego. Amazing what one can accomplish on this "interweb" thing. Who knows, it just might catch on:)

Thank you D & J. Hope you had a Happy Holiday! We did.


sparkle said...


Cadbury....love them all....Roast Almond, Fruit 'n Nut, Caramello, Milk Chocolate....everything but the HEALTHY dark chocolate.

B said...

Same here! I've never met a Cadbury I didn't like.