Thursday, December 25, 2008

Christmas Day Munchies (and the feast continues)

Miko Pupu Rockets and Rolled Cheese Omelet

And so the feasting continues. Carrying on with the small plate tradition, we started the day with a breakfast plate of Miko Pupu Rockets (sausage chronicle post to come) and a rolled English coastal cheddar omelet. Not wanting to over do it, this was a great way to get our breakfast fix on the end of a toothpick without topping up our tanks too early.

Sausage Rolls with HP Sauce and Salad Cream

T1 picked up these English style sausage rolls from the Tudor House in Santa Monica. Sausage rolls are a staple of many a holiday get-together in England. Savory sausage meat is encased in flaky pastry and baked. All that was required from us was to warm them up in the oven for ten minutes to bring back that freshly baked flavor and texture. Doing so also makes the house smell like an English Christmas. We should figure out how to capture that smell and turn it into a scented candle. We could market it as "English Christmas, Sausage Roll scented Candles" :)

Brie with Champignons en Croute

Our friend "K" spent the day with us. A fellow foodie, K showed up with arms full of all sorts of gastromonic goodies including this fantastic baked brie. A few minutes toasting up in the hot oven and it too was ready to join the party. We cut into it and it oozed molten brie over a layer of champignon mushrooms. As K would say, "Nice".

Bacon Wrapped Enoki Mushrooms

Based on the blurry photo and the burnt mushrooms, I'd say that by the time this picture was taken, the Christmas festivities were well under way. It would be nice if I could remember. Anyway, enoki mushrooms, wrap in bacon, put under broiler. Here's a quick idea for a munchy; take (?), wrap in bacon, broil. Always a successful formula... just try not to burn it.

We eased off on the small plates towards the afternoon to save room for a traditional meal consisting of a shrimp cocktail starter followed by a roast beef dinner complete with yorkshire pudding, roasted parsnips, fennel, carrots and potatoes. Unfortunately by that time I couldn't find my camera quick enough so I was unable to get any pics before it all got consumed. It was another great food day.

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Bacon wrapped things are your trademark! Yum!