Sunday, December 21, 2008

Breakfast Pita

Breakfast Pita

Once again, add bacon and egg and call it breakfast. It seemed like an original idea at the time. We had a couple of pieces of leftover pita bread from dinner the night before. I thought, why hasn't McDonald's come out with the McPita? After doing a search I found out, of course they've already thought of it and they stuffed it with tandoori chicken no less, according to a photo of just such a sandwich I found on flickr. Shucks! I guess I won't be trademarking that name and making a ton of money off of Micky D's any time soon. This got me thinking, I wonder what else you can get at McDonald's and found these actual menu items from McDonald's around the world:
  • Hong Kong, Red Bean Pie
  • Turkey, McTurco, Kofteburger
  • Japan, McPork, Ebi Filet-o
  • France, CroqMcDo-I like the sound of that one
  • Germany, Schnitzel Nuggets mit Ketchup
  • Romania, McPuisor, McToast, Cartofi Wedges
  • Australia, McFeast, Chicken Tandoori
  • Finland, McRuis
  • Estonia, McLavass
  • New Zealand, Kiwi Burger
  • Singapore, McRendang, McSatay
  • Hawaii, Spam breakfast platter, Saimin
  • Morocco, McSahara
  • India, Shahi Paneer McCurry Pan, McAloo Tikki, Chicken Maharaja Mac
  • Egypt, McArabia
  • Spain, Cuarto de Libra con Queso (Quarter Pounder with Cheese)
  • Portugal, Sopa a Lavrador
  • Brazil, McNifico Bacon
  • Thailand, Samurai Pork Burger
  • Greece, McFarm Pork Burger, McGreek
  • UK, Chicken Legend
American's are criticized all too often for traveling to far away exotic places around the globe only to seek out the local McDonald's for their meals when in fact it is quite possible to sample some of the local flavor even if it is filtered through a McDonald's test kitchen. Of course it would be a shame if that's all you did.

After spending all that time looking at McDonald's websites from around the world, I happened upon this somewhat informative, McFunny article and attached comments.

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The Death Metal Soccer Coach said...

Hawaii McDonalds has the best portuguese sausage too!!