Friday, December 12, 2008

Hamburger Jun

John's Mom's Hamburger Jun

The setting: 5 o'clock on a warm summer day in 1971, Wahiawa, Hawaii. A young Forager is busy playing at his friend John's house when the two are gently interrupted.

From the kitchen, they hear, "John, would Forager like to stay for dinner this evening?"

John looks at Forager.

"Well? ...want to?" John asks.

"What are we having?", inquires Forager.

"Hamburger Jun." Answers John's Mom.

Little did he know how rude his query sounded at the time, as if he were weighing his options without even knowing what was planned for dinner at his own home that night.

John's Mom's answer was intriguing though. Forager liked hamburger and also liked jun, the Korean egg battered marinated meat dish, but never had he eaten a combination of the two.

"Okay." said Forager

Hamburger Jun and fried Zucchini

With that, a quick phone call was made from Mom to Mom, permission granted, and the next thing he new, Forager found himself sitting down to a great meal; one that was new but at the same time familiar, one that he enjoyed the flavors of, one he would continue to prepare on occasion for himself and others for the remainder of his life.

Hamburger Jun

minced garlic
chopped green onions
diced water chestnuts
sesame oil
egg batter

Dipping Sauce

rice vinegar
seame oil
kochujang paste
sesame seeds
chopped green onion

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