Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Orange Slicing 101

Orange Slicing 101

Hello class. Today we are going to learn how to slice up an orange. I learned this trick from a sushi restaurant on La Cienega T1 and I used to go to called Samurai. After the meal, the waitress would bring out a plate with an orange on it along with the check. Citrus is a refreshing way to cleanse the palate and complete the dining experience (and maybe prepare you for finding out how much money you've just spent).

I've always subscribed to the idea that we eat with our eyes first, then with our mouths and this presentation added the necessary visual aesthetic to precede and enhance the flavor of the orange. (Can you believe I just wrote that?)

Anyway, enough gabbing. Let's move on to our fake lesson.

Step 1: Slice orange in half

Step 2: Cut the end off one of the halves
about a quarter of the way.

Step 3: With a thin bladed knife,
separate the orange flesh from the skin.

Step 4: Remove the flesh from the half
and insert the end you cut off in step 2
into the hollowed out skin

Step 5: Quarter the orange flesh
removed in step 3

Step 6: Place flesh back on top of hollowed orange skin.

Step 7: Add a cocktail pick and mint leaf for garnish and serve.

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