Friday, September 26, 2008

The Old Potato Post

Panko'd Crab Croquette with Asian Tartar Sauce

I almost chickened out and didn't publish this post, but it fit the spirit of the Kitchen Forager well and I thought someone might find it amusing.

What do you do when you look in your vegetable drawer and lo and behold, there's a potato plant growing? Toss it out right? On many an occasion, I have opened our drawer to reach for a potato and have either found them growing or too far gone to salvage. You are probably like us when it comes to buying potatoes. You'll pick up a bag of them with every intention of using them all, but there always seems to be the one that gets left behind, forgotten and in the dark. If it's starting to get soft, out it goes. If it doesn't resemble a potato anymore, out it goes. If it's starting to sprout, well..... As long as it's still firm and the sprouts pop off easily, it's still fair game in my book.

This particular potato passed all the requisite tests and was deemed still edible so it got peeled, cooked, mashed up and turned into croquettes with the addition of a can of crab meat waiting for just such an occasion. Why do I call them crab croquettes and not crab cakes? I think in order to fairly classify these as crab cakes they would have to contain more crab. These were mostly made of (old) potato. I know there are many who would disagree but I think you can improve upon the taste of almost anything by frying it in breadcrumbs or batter and the old potato was no exception. Imagine your favorite food battered and deep fried. Better right? Okay ... maybe not.

To all my friends and family that may eat a croquette at my house, don't worry, I promise not to use old potatoes.

These croquettes were topped with a Japanese tartar sauce made with mayo, mirin sweet cooking wine, and chives (Mom's recipe).

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