Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Ground Chicken Larb in Lettuce Leaves

I've always liked lettuce wrapped salads. You can usually find one version or another of a lettuce cup dish in any of the Chinese restaurant chains across the country. At Korean barbecues they often serve a plate of lettuce leaves to accompany your grilled meat.

This is my attempt at the Laotian/Thai version. I had some leftover lemongrass from last week that I used for lemongrass pork chops. Not wanting it to go to waste, the remaining stalk of lemon grass served as the inspiration for last nights dinner.

I browned ground chicken from our recent trip to the market, lemongrass, onions and red pepper, added a couple of tablespoons of Thai fish sauce, lime juice, a dash of soy sauce and a pinch of cane sugar and threw in chopped green onions at the last second. This was served with a side of red leaf lettuce leaves, mint leaves and a simple beansprout and tomato salad.

Ground Chicken Larb with Beansprout Tomato Salad

T1 mentioned that wrapping up the ingredients into little parcels before popping them into your mouth makes you feel like you've eaten quite a lot of food.

This is a perfect weeknight meal because it's made in a single pan or wok and the rest is just rinsed greens. Easy, quick, light and full of bold fresh flavor.

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